Work experience


Since april 2020 I've worked at Bytecraft as a software crafter, pragmatic programmer, hands-on architect and consultant for technically high demanding projects.


I worked over 5 years at wunderdog from january 2015 until april 2020 with a variety of technologies as a developer or architect depending on the project.

Houston Inc.

After Codebakers I worked at Houston Inc as a software developer. Here I had my first work experiences with Scala and functional reactive programming with JavaScript.


I started my consulting career as software developer here. This job was a real game changer on my career. The company was acquired by Siili solutions in 2013.

National land survey of Finland

I started working here while I was studying software engineering at EVTEK (currently Metropolia) and worked here a total of 4 years.

Suuri suomalainen kirjakerho

Worked here part time while studying. First work experiences with Java and Oracle databases.

Helsinki energy

This is where my career as a software developer started working with HTML, CSS, Microsoft ASP (the script language, not .NET). The company is currently known as Helen.

More info

More detailed description of my work history can be found at LinkedIn.

About polarcoder

Polarcoder was originally the alias for my blog that has since then extended to be a alias for some of my internet presence.

Behind the alias

Dad, software crafter, pragmatic programmer, developer, hands-on architect, engineer, blogger, geek.

Behind the alias I'm known as Jori Lytter, a software developer working at bytecraft, engineer by education, occasional blogger and 24/7 geek.

Social media

I've made a deliberate choise to limit my social media presence but I can be found from mastodon and LinkedIn.


I occasionally write to my blog about software development in general, experiments with programming languages and libraries or about my personal software projects.

Other public presence

Most of my personal software projects are available at github, including my current pet project for home automation.